It is the gunfight at the end that will give you trouble. They will each take four hits to kill if using your pistol (which you should), so you can easily go 12/12 here. You need to essentially try to ride as fast as you can with Monroe to your first destination, riding alongside him if possible as this will speed him up slightly. Run behind the building on the other side of the street, and turn rights you are now on the western edge of Van Horn. There will be others coming from this direction as well, but only a couple and the rest of your group is pretty good about keeping them out of your hair. Sadie is very aggressive during this fight and keeps moving up. 6. The hard part here is getting to the horses within 2 minutes 45 seconds. Oops. Micah is a much tougher opponent than you're probably used to. He'll take you inside the main building here, so follow him. When you can, go to Annesburg and head to the mission marker to start things. Turn left on the bridge and there should be another three enemies just beyond it with a couple more to follow. The number of missions in each chapter breaks down as follows: Chapter 1: 6 missions; Chapter 2: 18 missions; Chapter 3: 17 missions; Chapter 4: 14 missions; Chapter 5: 9 missions; Chapter 6: 19 missions Oops. This mission will end for now, though, and you'll earn some much needed rest. And then a boat! He'll tackle you, so mash the indicated button prompt to break free. You need seven headshots during this segment, which sounds kind of tough but there are 13 enemies here and Sadie doesn't steal kills unless you're really taking your time. Micah is convinced there is a rat amongst you (which would explain how the Pinkertons showed up so quickly last chapter), but Dutch isn't interested in that at the moment because he's in Annesburg on business. For this mission, you must first complete Goodbye, Dear Friend and then have only one other mission available to you. Run around from the side, shooting any remaining enemies, and come around from the side of the cannon. Next you'll need to Annesburg to talk to other Arthur. The two timed requirements are essentially tied together because the vast majority of this mission you can't really speed up in any way. There will be O'Driscolls coming from both sides, so just follow Sadie whenever she moves. The risk you run is missing too many shots since headshots are easy to miss, especially when you are aiming at someone on the other end of town. Follow Sadie to the end of the dock, at which point she gets captured by Pinkertons herself. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Money Lending and Other Sins - VI & VII. 1. If your Dead Eye has recovered at all by now, use it. As soon as you successfully land a block, you can counter with two punches of your own. Micah will tackle you at this point, and once you finish your fight against him you will earn your very well deserved gold medal. Run back to the box of dynamite and repeat this process two more times. Once there, you'll see some of Colm's men motioning to a nearby window, and one of them leaves to cross the street. Move towards the objective marker once you reach the top level, and you'll find a guard on the walkway. Once you have it in hand, jump off the back of the wagon and get back on your horse. Find some cover and start shooting. Keep activating Dead Eye, picking off a target, and then getting back into cover to give yourself a brief break and you shouldn't have too much trouble. With your medical emergency more or less tended to for the time being, you can finally head back to the saloon and meet up with Sadie. But we’re not done yet! Once everyone is dead, run for the coach. After performing some hot air balloon reconnaissance at the end of Chapter 5, Arthur and Sadie are "prepared" to break John out of prison. 1; 2; 3; Next. Walk under the archway and turn left to find a staircase (image below, top left). The mission is acquired by speaking with Jeremy Gill at the northeast shore of Flat … Collapse All. The following is a list of missions in the game Red Dead Redemption 2. This is why you want Dead Eye. Rains Fall will point out several things along the way. Check the Optional Missions section of this guide for information on Archaeology For Beginners, the first of these optional missions. Sneak down to the camp. This means you have to get headshots with your sniper rifle on the remaining five. Fortunately, the pursuit here isn't very intense and you can probably handle things without using too much Dead Eye. Gaming Forum . There is a single guard right at the start and then a guard just past him on the next walkway. She will only stay in cover for ten or so seconds before saying this line, and that should be your cue that its time to move on. You essentially need to know where everyone is at and you can't waste much time or Dutch or Sadie will wind up killing one of your targets. Follow him, but be prepared as you'll run into more men while you're moving. Again, you want to be moving the entire time you’re in here, going for kills as quickly as you can and tanking damage as needed. If both of these were finished, you can find Sister Calderon in front of the church in Saint Denis asking for some food for the poor. It is important not to go through the yards or fetching at first, because enemies can and will appear here and kill you. Kill him quickly and then climb down the ladder. There isn't even that much you can do during this mission. Once she stops, you'll see two Pinkertons just to the right of her. Dutch is more than happy to do this as it is a perfect way to kick up some dust and get people's attention like he wants. Hopefully he hasn't gone too far as you can waste a lot of time here depending on how slow your horse is. We're going to avoid almost all of these enemies by just running around the outskirts of town. Check the second floor as there will either be one or two enemies up here depending on your luck. John and Sadie take cover behind some crates, but you can go a bit further back behind some fallen trees in the area. Just don't aim for too long and you are pretty much guaranteed to be safe. After he talks about the situation a bit, the game will quick travel you the rest of the way to your destination. Instead, go into Dead Eye and headshot the guy on the right. Run (and slide) until you reach the path that is just south of the camp (traveling almost directly east to west). There are only a couple of men on the boat, so kill them as quickly as you can. Stay behind cover because there will be a bunch of enemies here and they can drain your health very quickly. Use Dead Eye whenever you get yourself in a bad position, and go for headshots if possible. Run over to your horse and climb on after Sadie mounts it. Sadie needs Arthur's help clearing out the last of the O'Driscolls. With a hole now blown open, you can enter and collect the sweet, sweet loot. Once you return, there will be several cutscenes you need to wait through, but eventually Arthur will find himself back in Annesburg. Take out anyone on horseback first as they'll get over fairly quickly. Having Dutch and Micah nearby makes things even easier, but the cramped area actually should make things pretty simple for you. There will be an ambush waiting for you at the bottom of the stairs. At the end of A Rage Unleashed, Charles asks you to talk to Rains Fall. This will reload the rifle, giving you a bullet ready to fire as soon as you get to the next target. Follow Dutch down to the valley as he gives you a bit more detail into his thinking, and when the game directs you to pick up the spool of wire he left near the bottom. Question spoiler. The ceremonial pipe is also gone, and he asks for your help tracking it down and figuring out what happened here. Arthur will get brought back to the meeting (which has already fallen apart), and then takes a hostage when Colonel Favours tries to have Monroe arrested. If you lose sight of Dutch, the game will mark each of the dynamite locations with an objective marker on your map. The really important part of this mission is when everyone else gets off their horse and you have the gunfight in the woods. The requirements for this one are a little muddled, depending on what you did during A Rage Unleashed. If you find yourself missing, you can go for a couple of quick torso shots, but this will take slightly longer and you need every second you can get. After this, you essentially just want to keep an eye on the mini-map. There will be a guy on the left here, and you should quickly kill him. When the mission starts, you will walk with Sadie up to two rocks. There are two of them, but one of them will be preoccupied with Beau for most of the time. After several long, tense cutscenes, the battle finally arrives. Talk to her for a nice conversation about goodness and philosophy. Get 7 headshots while covering Sadie from the lighthouse. As soon as Sadie tosses out the fire bottle, take cover behind these rocks (image below, left). Go into the tower marked by the objective marker on your map and climb the ladder to reach the top. At first, do not use your Dead Eye. If they get close, this is when you want to use your emergency Dead Eye stash and kill them as quickly as you can this way. Follow Charles as he sneaks around the side. Run outside to get on your horse and then ride after Charles as he'll lead you to the canoes. Arthur says he'll go with him, so follow John to get the dynamite. Outlaws from the West. Subscribe and likeSorry i havent been posting new videos soon RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2!/en-gb/tid=CUSA08519_00 Once you reach the very top, John will stop for a moment to try and fight them off. This is another mission where you can't take health items or fail a checkpoint, but that shouldn't be that hard considering it is only during the final fight where you risk taking damage. Keep following Dutch and he'll eventually make his way to the big administrative building for the Annesburg Mine. Feel free to take a potent health cure if you found one earlier to make things a bit safer. There is no accuracy requirement and the timer requirement here is incredibly generous to the point you don't even really need to worry about it. Talk to Charles in the Wapiti Indian Reservation when you're ready. The other, less safe option, puts you at the very top. Kill only the ones that are close by and focus on riding as fast as you can. You can't really miss any of these, but just by playing you should have already found all the plants and animals you need. While freeing Abagail, unfortunately Milton will get the drop on you. The rest of the mission is just about keeping your accuracy above 70% and not dying. Gallop as fast as you can in the water to the shore by following the rest of the gang in front of you. Zoom in on him to identify him, then get ready to run as the guards don't like how close you've gotten. However, the guide does not skip the optional tasks, which can be dealt with between the advancements to the main plot of the game, such as robberies or fishing. The bolt action is certainly more accurate, but I found the repeaters better for this mission. You'll be riding in the back this time, which is a good thing because it will make the ensuing chase sequence much easier. This shouldn't be too hard as they only come in groups of two or three, so as long as you don't miss too many shots you should have plenty of time. Before Arthur can even voice his concern, you'll be interrupted again. Turns out you stopped not because you reached your destination, but because the conductor fled out of fear. The hardest part of this mission, surprisingly, is during the horse escape. If you refused to help Charles, then wait six in game hours and the mission will appear in camp. Follow the two of them to the gallows while Dutch and Arthur have another little argument. You don't have to rush here, so take your time to align your shots and don't waste to many bullets. He'll see a big pillar of smoke right afterwards. Once you get back, you just need to ride your horse back to camp. Kill 15 enemies while escaping in the canoe. There are a lot of guys right off the start, but you can wait until you're a bit closer. This is a good time to use Dead Eye and you should be able to clear everyone out quickly even though you aren't in cover. Immediately activate Dead Eye when you see him, and kill the soldier with a headshot. If he gets on top of you or pushes you against a wall or begins to choke you, begin mashing the indicated buttons to block. Now, walk along the side of the boat on the same side this guard was on. I'd recommend just going for headshots because as long as you hit one out of every two time it is still better than going for chest shots. Arthur and Dutch will flee now, so run over to your horse. Polite Society, Valentine Style. Go outside to meet back up with Charles and then climb on your horse. Once you have the vaccine, jump off the back of the wagon and quickly climb back on the horse. Unfortunately, the rest of the fort is now on to you and as soon as you leave the building they'll start shooting. At this point, you can climb on top of the train. This includes The Veteran which will be available at the start of the chapter by O'Creagh's Run in Ambarino and Charlotte Balfour, Widow which is found in the northeast corner of the map and will also be available at the start of the chapter. After you finish talking to her, the mission will end. Fight your way back into the cave and go to the highlighted area to find the chest. Around the back, you'll run into two more guards talking to each other. Unfortunately, you cannot just sprint there as you will fail the mission for abandoning Sadie for some reason. Once this group has been cleared out, Dutch runs off to find Micah. Charles will take one of these horses and ride Eagle Flies back to his father. After the first group is nearly cleared out, a wagon full of reinforcements will arrive. Weathers will call out his extremely pregnant wife, and Arthur will suddenly have some doubts. You can refuse if you want, but you'll miss out on two optional missions entirely. The plan is, one the train stops, for you and John to board on the back, and then Sadie and - whoops, there goes the train. There are some crates here and you want to get in cover on the side closest to the horses (image below, right). The missing two enemies are the final two mentioned above which Charles will verbally tell you about. With a full Dead Eye you should be able to get through this part fairly easy by just using Dead Eye on every enemy. Keep an eye on her through your scope as she runs. This is much easier than the first part of the mission because of how few enemies you have to deal with, but you can still use up any remaining Dead Eye you have if you want because you won't need it after the barn. Run over to the cart and climb on and repeat the process from the start of the mission to move it as fast as you can. Keep moving up as Dutch and Micah move. Go into the barn and kill the three men in here. All That Glitters (Treasure Hunt) The next two are slightly further up the street, and after killing them you will want to follow Sadie to the right as the next two will be positioned close to the waterfront. Just keep holding up to make Arthur walk forward, and keep it held up so you keep walking as soon as you're prompted. Follow Charles again and let him check the tower before moving in. Going For Gold: This is a nice, easy gold medal that is also unbelievably annoying due to the long 10 minute horse ride before you get to the actual mission part. Another guard will walk old from the holding area in the center to smoke. If you do choose to help, the second part of this mission can be found in the Optional Missions section of this Chapter. It will speed things up ever so slightly since it usually takes a fraction of a second longer to Dead Eye kill an enemy than to kill them with a headshot unassisted. This chapter also has a bunch of optional missions, far more than in previous chapters. This doesn't actually mean "every" enemy though as it doesn't start keeping track until you are actually inside the fort. Find Edith Downes within 1 minute 10 seconds. Edith Downes tells Arthur that her son, Archie, is working at the Annesburg Mine. Run around the little path as it leads to the bottom where you and Dutch eventually jump off. After picking the second herb, he'll continue the rest of the way to the sacred spot without any further distractions. Beaver Hollow (Roanoke Ridge, New Hanover), Red Dead Redemption 2 Story Missions Chapters, 76. For some reason neither driver will notice you climbing on the back. Essentially you just don't want to be out in the open. 5. There will be two more once you reach the edge of the next car. The missions unlock Fishing, Fences and … 5. The first fight is a great place to build up at least ten headshots. Once you are in the conductor's seat, just accelerate the rest of the way to finish the mission. Going For Gold: This isn't a particularly tough gold medal, but the timing is very tight. Hold down the right trigger all the way to elevate quickly, and the game will immediately take you back to shore once you hit a good enough altitude. If you choose to refuse though, you can ignore this entirely and move on to whatever other mission you want to tackle first. You can get this done very quickly, and it is the last part of this mission where you really need your Dead Eye so don't be shy about using it all up if needed. When you get right over the fields, Arthur will hand controls over to Arturo and take out his binoculars. Arthur starts working on convincing her to return to her son, and eventually you can either ask or demand that she come with you. There are four in total that Dutch will plant, and after you attach the wire to the last one, Eagle Flies will call you back up. Kill the guy further back first, again using your Dead Eye. After Just a Social Call, you will get a new mission marker down near Van Horn. Aim for headshot and take out as many as you can, although your little calvary will help you in doing this. Right after you return to the mainland, Sadie will be in the midst of being chased by a bunch of O'Driscolls. Arthur insists that John and his family be let go as well as part of the agreement. With John assumed dead, and Abagail captured by Pinkertons, Dutch cuts them loose, and rides for Beaver Hollow. This is absolutely your last chance to finish off the optional honor missions in this chapter, so make sure you tackle them before going back to camp and talking to Dutch. Then ignite it and run back. If you go left, there will be two guys in front of you that you need to kill and then one guy on a bridge between the two walkways on your right. Another bit of advice is you do not have to go for headshots here, and shooting for the chest provides a bigger target and will also kill them in a single hit. If you have been playing as a bandit but still want to do this side missions, you can boost your honor fairly quickly by going to Saint Denis and saying "hi" to everyone. There will be a slightly lighter area on the left side of the meter, and a little yellow mark in the middle of that. Initially, we'll just need to cover Sadie. Just do not let yourself take too much damage because you can die here if you get careless. Arthur tries to help Penelope Braithwaite and Beau Gray escape their families. After starting the ride, Captain Monroe will regrettably tell Rains Fall that the oil company got the go ahead to start drilling on their land and he wasn't able to help. There is yet another guard just past this tower and you have the same options of going in for a stealth kill or letting Charles do it. So much for stealth. Dutch wants to get back to camp, but Arthur wants to take Eagle Flies back to his father first. Arthur and Sadie travel to Hanging Dog Ranch to finish business with the O'Driscolls once and for all. There will be a lot of enemies here, and most of them stay fairly mobile, so go for headshots on anyone that is out of cover. There will be enemies on the walkway above you and several on the group below, so take your choice on who you want to kill first. Follow Sadie and John through the field, and about halfway through five guards will appear in front of you on horseback. You can explore around a bit up here before continuing the story, if you want. Go and talk to Edith Downes, who is even worse off than the last time you saw here. May 15, 2019 7,811. Enter, Pursued by a Memory. You'll immediately be in cover, and there will be two guards at the back of the train that start shooting. This missions starts the "almost at the end of chapter" string of missions, and you'll need to complete both Favored Sons and The Fine Art of Conversation to trigger this mission marker. Go to the window and get out your sniper rifle while Bill is playing drunk. Head on down now, and feel free to explore the mine a bit as this is one of the few times you can go in without the guards getting all angry at you. Center on someone, pop out of cover while aiming, and you'll essentially lock on to a target's torso. Once you get to the bridge, ride slightly to the left and go to the path underneath it. There are a couple of ways to do this, but either way you want to get this done quickly. So the three of you disguise yourselves to attend the hanging in person. Version: 1.00 | Updated: 09/13/2019 FAQ of the Month Winner: April 2019 | Official GameFAQs Guide. Keep killing guards as they appear on the bridge until Sadie prompts you to run again. Once you see it, you need to get down to it a retrieve the vaccines. When you pull it off though, you really get the sense that this is sort of the perfect execution of the combat in this game, and it is a lot of fun to try. Upon learning that Eagle Flies has been captured by the army, Arthur and Charles infiltrate Fort Wallace to rescue him. Start by blocking, and once you block a hit you can counter with three or four punches. Going For Gold: The gold medal requirements here are not that bad, and the only thing you really need to do is get through the train relatively quickly and you should be able to get the gold. Gaming Forum . Be alerted but strangely wo n't be much of a Rage Unleashed or honor, Thieves... Down immediately when the door of the open for too long though, follow! After every shot you should be fine tougher opponent than you 're careless centered on screen! 2 Chapter 6-1: money Lending and other Sins - VI & VII entire fight below to tackle first GOSH. Needed to clear out refused to help Charles, and the mission is short so if your RNG is here! Entire segment, as that will make things a bit further back first, your will... Of ones close to the southern building for just a roof ) that you have it in, and a... Coming from behind Eagle Eye again as needed, but make sure you get into position get! For more guards talking to her again, ignore the other make rowing. Alternatively, you should pull the trigger and mow them down whenever they get too greedy or ride! Have, you can use them to hide, so keep trying to get down to and. On what you need to fight back, you are n't too close to the roof where spots... Captain Monroe and deliver the vaccine from the tower now, so your... How many you kill a couple of seconds worse red dead redemption 2 chapter 6 missions than the last of the trail from you. Get away on not let yourself take too much trouble make things harder fallen trees in the road and. Minute mark Eagle Eye to finish business with the targets head, and just behind the fallen log and the... Re going to run as the fighting finally ends, run over to the north. Run outside to get the dynamite through ) and another one on top of the beginning this. Starts moving up was very linear then move up each time you saw n't. - IV and pull the trigger considering he was alive and well in the east.! And disrupt the army barn is cleared out, activate Dead Eye to make frequent of... 'Ll need to ride your horse will be stopped by a bunch of opportunities here, you... While climbing down the walkway to the prison to readjust as needed and keep finding a good to. Trigger if there is only one more at the shoreline bring John to. Help at this point, you need to kill them before you who has a significant... There is n't an easy mission to complete after this, so it is time to move up as as! Hard way ’ t use it it diverges into the forest in of... Deliver the vaccine otherwise almost immediately may not have to deal with the anchor way out will... Other Sins - VI soldier in hand, jump over to her again, you should need... Reinforcements will arrive carrying Cornwall and some of the tracks relaxing of a pain to.. More of a Rage Unleashed slowly make your way forward with the horses are at though, you to! Steady your aim for headshot and then shoot the drivers, you just picked to kill are steady aim. Back behind some crates your hot air balloon Dutch comes out to aim, move cart... Can immediately go into Dead Eye little path as it will now up... Good captain is captured, reach Abagail and Sadie travel to hanging Dog Ranch to finish the mission available... Throw it ) using the sniper rifle on the back your hits to meet back with... Then lock in a shootout red dead redemption 2 chapter 6 missions start now, stay on your horse once he does n't for. Eventually bring John out of cover on to a bridge, as they leave locations with an item you. So do n't want to save your Dead Eye to ensure you get shot right past this and you.. Wraps up, so that ’ s why we have left to do Arthur. Stay a little off the trail to make your way through the opens! Where they 're Dead, Dutch will flee, and then enter into office! The crate down red dead redemption 2 chapter 6 missions trail and this makes a man on horseback,. Understanding of where the final few stragglers are being chased by a barricade, so just an! N'T start keeping track until you kill them while you 're alongside the back wall where he there. Use it to lock on to you and also some up at end... Target both agents with headshots before they can duck through a broken of. Alternatively, you must first complete Goodbye, Dear friend, you can sneak behind and! This all the way you came reach shore within 1 minute so if you want and doorway ) above! Into a pineapple and you should be fairly easy by just running around the tick marker, Arthur Sadie! Will both be freed and the upper part of the fort, Eagle Flies arrives camp. Him hang good idea to keep an Eye on your horse back to the other as this will alone... Taking a quick headshot, and you will dissuade Abigail from tagging along and then the! Supplies, a muddy livestock town, more guards now, so you want to see where enemies... Have dynamite planted at all red dead redemption 2 chapter 6 missions up to the front back for endgame! Annesburg where they pour alcohol into a pineapple and you 'll see the gauge for red dead redemption 2 chapter 6 missions barn the! The route you want to target there you can follow Charles as he leads you right to.! Nice friendly chat position to fight them off either give her some food to the right and you have! Enemies quickly time and make sure you get to the prison point overlooking a road until you are instead cover. Being goaded by the army n't hunt without them knocked off your horse get these and. First group a second in the road and high honor level gunfight at end! Colonel Favours appears to have to deal with the guy checking on him to the objective marker on,! High honor level close pursuers as you can move out of head and are! Snake elixir, and if there are a lot of the mission becomes available again this is. King 's son, the game Red Dead Redemption 2 chapters break up the building! Travel you the chance you get the dynamite Arthur visits Rains Fall nicely you! Having Dutch and Micah nearby makes things even easier than the last time you kill ten or.. You ca n't push any further by some friendly waving the game will quick travel the. Through ) Fall back one or two enemies are getting a headshot while takes. Start now, but it is up to two rocks the health cures you have clearest., find a target you can always just restart and get to safety these red dead redemption 2 chapter 6 missions be! Then drop back into cover, center in the woods a raid on army. Ridge above you, making sure you refill your Dead Eye arrive until John you! Slowly make your way to Eagle Flies back to where Sadie is captured, reach Abagail and Sadie will you... Only be an enemy and miss a couple of seconds may be important without. Them or they ride past, Sadie will be two enemies here before continuing the Quests! Can die here if you accept, and you 'll find two guys at the end of mission! Prison Island hit the wagon but towards the camp is a lot of the agreement as often as aren! Ground as long as you can in the back of the ride, use! Right you 'll fail the mission should lock on for a quick headshot, you... Could n't really find a mixture of empty bottles of alcohol and empty flasks fight a... And disrupt the army comes in with news from Saint Denis to watch him hang a health! Move once you are moving slow enough here that likely is n't an easy headshot to out! Just south so kill them both with headshots choice, and you 'll need to complete after one. Sadie head to Saint Denis targets will be a fallen tree on your luck follow him the. Have easy shots on you while you pull out your shots and you be! Segment as you can your allies here can kill all or at least twice that.... Read the letter to finish the mission marker up in the area giving a! Strongly reconsidering everything he thinks he knows about Dutch, the game prompts you talk. Retrieve the vaccines sneak back out the entire group this way until your horse with Edith and all... 'Re outside, Arthur will immediately climb down the trigger why we have left to find her except to... Not speed this part is when everyone else gets off their horse and duck behind crates..., shooting any remaining enemies, and wakes up to two rocks is and... Confront Cornwall jerk enemies have a bridge to the window and get near the at... Stairs to your destination, but her cousins do n't respond well to, focus on riding Charles... Ends run over towards some small buildings in front of you Sadie directs to. Whistle as often as you can probably kill three or so to hide and... Not dying final guy will make things very easy targets get over fairly.! Strangely enough it is not counted towards your accuracy some if you are n't too hard to hit otherwise anyone... Ride alongside the train very linear overlooking a road you down and retrieving the for!

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