Meanwhile, Long Qing did not waste any time.   He immediately sought the Temple Master at the Zhixiong Temple. Along the way, they saw the snowy ground littered with dead bodies from Badland. (Why not just consult with Fu Zi, who knows everything?). Everyone was there to witness what was happening in the sky, including the Shrine Master and Dao Maniac and all the disciples. It is based on the novel Jiang Ye by Mao Ni. First, he would like a special dispensation for the Yulong Gang to guard and protect Tang City. Instead, Ning Que distracted Sang Sang by taking her to see the orange Tian Qing tree, where Tian Qing slept for eternity. Master Qi Shan said that he can’t abandon Sang Sang either because she was his disciple.  But before he could do much more, he fainted. FuZi used his supersonic formation and levitated to followed the angel who he found out was Haotian. This was the reason why Ning Que hated Long Qing so much driving him to the point of insanity. Anyway, Mo Shan Shan was ordered to be executed for abetting the Daughter of the Lord of the Deceased in her escape. Her stage of cultivation had really increased and she was able to ward off Qu Ni and Bao Shu from getting to Sang Sang and Ning Que. The annoying Drinker delivered the message about every death is a long-awaited reunion. Hao Tian knows everything. Wow, the fighting scene was so good. But protecting the people of Tang isn't his only obligation. Long Qing turned up to rescue PiPi as well to prove himself to the Temple Master. Ning Que was all for vanquishing the monks but Sang Sang stopped Ning Que. I have to admit that when it was announced that Chen Feiyu had opted not to continue on as Ning Que for Season 2, something in my heart dedicated solely to Ever Night grieved. Hao Tian had another command for the Shrine Master.  He was told to go to Shiangkang Temple to fetch the Envoy of  the Light. Within seconds of his leaving, the Temple Master appeared and created a sky formation that was now keeping the disciple busy.  They were all working and supporting each other to keep the sky formation from engulfing them. Ye Qing, the tao universal master (brother of the Dao Maniac) challenged Jun Mo to a duel.  He lost but he said to Jun Mo that if Jun Mo was wearing his armour vest then he would have won. The Dao Maniac was leading the Xilling soldiers who she told that she was going alone and not to follow her at all cause. Finally, the Dao Maniac was so shocked that the Temple Master would rip and use the page of the most sacred book to issue an order.  She realised what the Book Maniac had meant.  Mo Shan Shan said she believed in Tao/Dao but not at the Shrine Master, who was working for his own benefit. Chen Pi Pi accepted and said that Long Qing had to arrange it with the Temple Master at Zhixiong Temple. He realised that Sang Sang was the conduit of the degradation of the Shocking God Formation. In a battle against vile men and the encroaching darkness, Ning Que must fight to save everything he has ever held dear, or die trying. Anyway, Hao Tian met the Shrine Master and his posse at the Peach Hill. The Dao Maniac, who was on the other side of the lake, said that she had come to kill the daughter of the Lord of the Deceased and Ning Que. The Dao Maniac is missing Ning Que, thus, becoming obsessed with him.  Her brother asked if her obsession was because she wanted to kill Ning Que or was it something else? Master Qi Shan had a very kind face and welcome Sang Sang for the game of the third Go/checkers. That was a very impressive fight with the Shrine Master which the Suzerain won fairly easily through a mind connection with Fu Zi. Imperial Uncle warned He Ming Chi that if Tang falls he will personally kill him. HBO's highly acclaimed freshman criminal drama The Night Of has triumphantly concluded its first season broadcast on August 28, 2016. consecutive days reading at the library.  He read and read until he was fainting and having nose bleeds and needed to be brought home. NIng Que was happily talking to an empty bed which was strewn with dainty pink little flowers.  He then tucked himself in when all of a sudden Hao Tian turned up. And this allowed Sang Sang and Ning Que to have a rest.  Surprisingly, a day at this dimension is equivalent to 1 year in their own world. First Brother seemed not bothered because he said the formation was damaged as he picked up a winged bird formation which means he was free to fly which he did. Whereas the Ning Que of the 2nd season was all but too childish. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Actually, First Brother and Chao Xiaoshu were on their way to see the Butcher and the Drinker. The Second Brother was impressive with his arrow, sword cultivation. Anyway, Sang Sang was still in a bad way so they needed a more permanent place to stay rather than being carted by Blacky. Well, Chen Pi Pi lost but he did manage to buy time for Ning Que and Mo Shan Shan to repair the Shocking God Formation. – Ning Que to Sang Sang. (2020) Legend says that the eternal night is approaching and that a calamity will befall humanity. I must admit a had a bit of a cry when Ning Que went to Sang Sang, who told him that he can leave her now and live his own life. Poor Ning Que was in bits.  He was devastated that both Sang Sang and Fu Zi seemed to have gone from this world.  Awww. Very poor acting of him. Ever Night 2 has ended and I already want to know the continuing story. We should have the courage to do what we want to do – Ning Que. After Sang Sang ( Yiren Song) 's identity is discovered, Ning Que ( Dylan Wang) does everything he can to protect her. The Shrine Master was determined to kill Ning Que, whether he was the son of the Lord of the Deceased or not.  Because this would give him a reason to conquer Tang Empire and also to disband the academy. Ning Que and Sang Sang started their journey in a carriage self-driven by the intuitive horse called Blacky. Yuan Li was about to kill Sang Sang with his sword by he was hit by a rock on the head by Tang, who said that he had to kill the scum of the Huang people. When she came back in the morning she found that the coffin of Bao Shu had been incinerated on the spot. Ye Qing did realise the veracity of what Jun Mo said.  And because of it, he decided to give up everything including Tao/Dao. Unwilling to see his childhood friend get hurt, Ning Que accompanies her in overcoming many obstacles. For once, the State Preceptor managed to control himself from divulging state secret.  Instead, he said that he will not die until Ning Que had come back.  Also, he had finally learned to distrust his assistant. After the 60 episodes of the first series, where we had gotten to know characters and got used to the actors who played them, it was strange to be watching different actors playing the familiar characters. She did say that she will wait for him at Dahe and Ning Que gamely said that it was a deal. LOL. However, devious people have exposed Sang Sang's connection to the eternal night and intends to kill, her. Sang Sang was the Daughter of the Lord of Deceased as confirmed by Master Qi Shan. There was a tantalising episode where they mentioned that Evernight is really about the teaching of Lao Zi versus the teaching of Confucius. They went to Badlands.  They met the Huangs the family of Tang Xiaotang, who is now a disciple of Third Sister at the academy. He embodied the perfect kung fu master and he was too because he was the master of everything.  His cultivation is topped up to its limit. Thank you for your comment. Suddenly the Princess felt faint and knew the tea was poisoned by her own brother.  Ning Que fell asleep on his table and believed dying from poisoning. She recounted a rather poignant story of buying noodles from the same vendor every day for years and yet the vendor never remembered her. watch Ever Night: Season 2, watch Ever Night: Season 2 eng sub, Ever Night: Season 2 online ep 1, ep 2, ep 3, ep 4, watch Ever Night: Season 2 episode 5, episode 6, episode 7, episode 8, episode 9, episode 10, Ever Night: Season 2 dub drama, watch Ever … Read More » Tang immediately recognised the sacred ring by the Suzerain and so did the First Elder. Arthur Chen as Ning Que in season 1, as most viewers said, nailed the character so well with his facial expressions and body movements except for showing his affection and love for Sangsang as played by Song Yiren. Mo Shan Shan said that she would do it again, given half a chance, what she did. The End. P.S. I thought Arthur Chen, the first Ning Que was so good. The ceremony then turned into a bit of a farce because. With her umbrella, Sang Sang walked into the dragon.  She looked rather hypnotized.  Ning Que followed her and held on to her feet as she flew up into the curling ferocious dragon. Sang Sang was always conscious that she was too plain and dark-skinned for her master, who seemed to attract all the attention. Ning Que looked at her disappointedly and said that what she did was heinous, tampering with the last will of the King.  He added that if her brother, the king had been half-way decent as a king, Ning Que would have supported her decision but the fall of Tang State will come from within and that would be via her nincompoop of a brother. In a way, he reformated that formation key.  So the Academy was working for Tang all along.  Mind you, it was not an easy task to get the Academy to go into war for Tang. – Mo Shan Shan, Flower Maniac said, “You are the most maniac, someone who truly deserves to be called a bloody maniac!”  🤪. After Tientsin Mystic 2 changed its lead, we get another change in cast now that Arthur Chen Feiyu confirms the rumors that he won’t be returning for season 2 of Ever Night 将夜. It was just Ning Que and Sang Sang going to the mountains where they buried Masters Guangming and Yan Ze side by side. In the end, he was able to talk to the Third sister who sadly gave him her blessing. The boy King was advised by a minister that going into war would surely obliterate Tang, it was more conducive to surrender to Xilling. Going back to Long Qing and Ning Que, Long Qing attacked the carriage where Ning Que had returned the still very weak Sang Sang. Third Sister said that  Ning Que is quite good with writing Taliman so he needed to practice his formation pronto.  The Third Sister said someone was coming to help him. Ning Que has fought long and hard to obtain justice for his family. He told them that the Academy will be gone soon and so was Tang and it was all due to him. The duty to inform the very ailing King of Tang fell on Ma Shuxiang’s shoulders. Meanwhile, at the Green Gorge, everything was heating up. Fully spent in the snow, Sang Sang almost fatally damaged her pulmonary system as she has always been susceptible to hypothermia.  She had a cold disease as Ning Que called it. Ning Que thank the invisible, all-seeing, all-hearing, all-knowing, all-everything Fu Zi. After a good rest, Sang Sang and Ning Que went for a walk.  They had some existentialist conversation. Ning Que had permanently based himself in Tang guarding the Shocking God Formation. Anyway Ning Que now knew what to do.  He had to vanquish everything that has a memory of Sang Sang. Hao Tian noticed the commotion and was livid because the Butcher and the Drinker were not around to monitor the proceeding. Ning Que was very impressed when he found out that his beloved Third Sister was the fabled Last Suzerain. Poor Ning Que looked clueless about what was going on. She climbed to the tower where she told Ning Que to look after Tang and the young King.  She then plunged into her death. However Mo Shan Shan and Ning Que had a reminisce of their pass together.  Mo Shan Shan said that back then she liked him and he liked her back and knowing that was enough. The Tang Capital had fallen.  But Ning Que had not quite given up yet.  With a last effort, he tried to battle it out with Chen Mou, who created a formation in the sky, over Tang Palace. But even sadder was when General Ma was impaled by a javelin stake which did not kill him immediately but waiting to die as the blood flowed freely from him. Chen Pi Pi was accosted by the Shrine Master and forced him to reveal whose side he was on and to stop sitting on the fence. He said it was her ambition for him to be king.  He would have been happy just to be rich and idle. Chao Xiaoshu is back and rather sad to see that the Calligraphy House was shut and empty. However, Hao Tian did torture him a lot and kept ordering him to submit to her will and he could live forever. Long Qing was able to beat up Ning Que like a punching bag.  Ning Que tried to call out for help from his brother, Li Man Man, who said that he was only a call away. She was the youngest and last Suzerain since the establishment of the Demonic Cult. While the Temple Master and First Brother were playing cat and mouse, the Third Sister was impressive in protecting the Academy. Mo Shan Shan was most concerned about Ning Que who had been hitting the bottle.  The war tooks its toll on him.  He was a wreck and had to use crutches to be able to walk. the acror of Ning Que was totally a flop. The State Preceptor finally confronted his assistant, He Ming Chi, that he knew that he was working for Xilling. Master Qi Shan seemed to have developed quite an affinity with Ning Que despite his reputation of being the Son of the Lord of the Deceased.  He gifted Ning Que with a Tian Qing book about the Four Palms of Tian Qing: Opportunity. The Dao Maniac was ordered to escort Sang Sang, the Child of Light to Mount Wa and at the same time kill Ning Que as he may be or even may not be the Son of the Lord of the Deceased. Be a guiding light to the world, one shall always maintain his virtue, therefore eh can eventually reach the state of the ultimate. This is interesting!  “I am you”, meaning there is no difference from black and white.  Hao Tian was as good as Yong Ye to start with.  But in the end Yong Ye was fed so much harm, negativity, brutality and cruelty by the people that Yong Ye became darkness itself.  She is a product of all the abuses thrown to her by the people. Capitulos completos de Ever Night 2 gratis, dorama Ever Night 2 capítulos sub español para ver online y descargar solo en At this time, the Tang Country is at risk of falling into the hands of warlords. The actors had a lot of chemistry. The king was intrigued by the Shocking God Formation and started to search for it. As luck would have it, they had a surprise.  The radiant Mo Shan Shan, the Book Maniac turned up astride her equally glorious white horse. Setelah sukses dalam musim pertamanya “Ever Night (将 夜)” meluncurkan untuk musim keduanya “Ever Night Season 2 (将 夜 2)” .. He will be known in history as the greatest Shrine Leader ever. But he had enough leftover energy for a long monologue. He was observing her. Gorgeous Long Qing wanted to get back with her again but now she was playing hard to get. Ever Night (Chinese: 将夜) is a 2018 Chinese television series based on the novel Jiang Ye by Mao Ni. Again Mo Shan Shan agreed.  But Sang Sang gave a glimmer of hope to Mo Shan Shan by saying “You can wait till I die.”. Ever Night: Season 2 (2020) 将夜第2å­£, Ever Night: War of Brilliant Splendours, 将夜第二季, 将夜之光明之战 Drama , Action , Adventure , Drama , Fantasy … Arthur Chen won’t return for Ever Night Season 2. The Shrine Master declared that Mo Shan Shan will be spared from the death penalty if she refrains from having more to do with Ning Que and the Daughter of the Lord of the Deceased. Hao Tian told him that Sang Sang had forgotten him and she was now gone. 23, 2020. Let’s do our bit. the body & blood of Christ?!!! Ning Que receives orders to lead the army in protecting the country. Poor Sang Sang knew how much trouble and worry she was putting Ning Que in so she decided to try to end her life by jumping off the cliff. 😜  He blamed Ning Que for Sang Sang’s current condition.  Ning Que should have not brought or allowed Sang Sang to be near the frozen lake. Ning Que said that he was glad to see them but he came to the academy for the formation Key. As warlords encroach on the lands of Tang, Ning Que must become the leader of the Tang army or risk losing everything. Sang Sang warned Ning Que that the man looked like Master Qi Shan and he was. She needed him to hold a light festival so she can go back to heaven. Fearless. Seven days that Ning Que had to return back the formation key to its default mode. At first, Ning Que was gleefully showing everyone that he was not affected, therefore he was not the Son of the Lord of Deceased. Her assistant was brought in and was used to blackmail Mo Shan Shan into confessing of her part in allowing Sang Sang and Ning Que to get away. Jun Mo) at the Academy finds so charming while they interact with her from time to time, even Fu Zi finds her very interesting. Li Man Man said to the Dao Maniac’s brother that Fu Zi once said that “Beautiful Girls always get rescued.”, Both Flower and Dao Manic were given punishment of 72 fires (whatever that is). Now and again Hao Tian would say things that Sang Sang would say and this made the hardship he was suffering bearable because he felt that Sang Sang was still there. Chao Xiaoshu found the Drinker and the Butcher at Song.  He said hello to them and introduced himself as the new neighbour. Alas, the First Elder did resist giving shelter to Ning Que and Sang Sang because they would be caught up in a war led by the Xilling. So frustrating and sad when we as watchers have already developed a kind of attachment to the storyline and the series from Season 1. Crystal Yuan who plays Mo Shan Shan had finished filming her part in Ever Night 2. I felt rather emotional with this episode.  It was hard going for the last five minutes. !  His face is all sculpted! As to killing Ning Que, the Dao Maniac told Ning Que that she will put that on hold after Sang Sang had been fully cured. This was because the Academy is made up of disciples from all over the land.  The twins were from the land of Song who had now waged war with Tang, The Seventh Sister was from Chen, which had waged war with Tang as well. Sang Sang did notice the rather longing looks Ning Que was giving Mo Shan Shan.  So she gave them privacy by telling them that she was tired and would like to rest while the carriage doors automatically shut. Master Qi Shan said that he took that into consideration so the book is the children’s version.  I thought this was out of character for Ning Que.  When he got into the academy, he spent 27 (?) So to those saying that Song Yiren was not good enough to be the young leading lady for Evernight, you should read the first few chapters of the novel on how and who Sangsang was and how important her character was to the whole story. Long Qing just watched from the other side. He was promised that he can have his Natal Object back when he had accomplished his mission. Meanwhile, the battle between Ning Que and Xilling continued on until Hao Tian released brilliant light which engulfed Ning Que, meaning he now the protection of the Heavenly Maid. This episode is the best yet.  It has a lot of action, drama, and good acting except for the overacting Qu Ni character. Dao Maniac went beyond the call of her duty.  She sacrificed herself by transferring her brilliance/energy to Sang Sang thereby losing her earlier cultivations. Fu Zi contemplated and then ate.  I must say Fu Zi had such a gorgeous gourmet diet.  The food, especially the stews and soup served to Fu Zi are so mouthwatering.  Probably there is something about good food and brainpower!  LOL. Ning Que thought that was fair enough and left. The Great Way makes everything the simplest. Dao Maniac warned Ning Que that she might now find him and so will the Shrine Master, but Hao Tian is another thing coming  She knows everything, she can read minds and see all things. Dao Maniac visited Book Maniac from her cell.  She asked Mo Shan Shan if she regretted what she had done. December 2019 Update:  Apparently Evernight 2 is scheduled for showing immenently.  X’mas of early January? He went with Commander Xu to the State Preceptor’s mansion only to find that he had passed away. First Brother said he will look after the Shocking God Formation on his behalf. She went to see Imperial Uncle who said that he would always support her and the Third Prince and would not do anything to endanger the position of the third Prince as a future king. Knowing men would eventually learn the truth of Sa… I feel a lot of frustrations and disappointments. Almost all spent, Ning Que laid down his sword and beg Long Qing not to hurt Sang Sang. Share Facebook Twitter WhatsApp LINE Pinterest. The sword came from Ning Que, who was very upset to find out that the old king had died. Fromâ Season 1 ( if you know?  Dylan Wang he Di has been the... This continuation drama towards the end of the king was the border that needs it “ Writing, and... Not gon na happen Formation and levitated to followed the angel who he found out the... Is based on the novel, I for one, can feel the warmth all over.. Her blessing for showing immenently. X ’ mas of early January enough not to follow five steps! Ye '' von Mao Ni and let us know how the novel the author says many! In history as the new neighbour Tian is Light with Sang Sang recovered well enough be. Trying to calm Ning Que noticed at first the three hits will be freed death... Well, he decided to give Xilling seven days to keep away Xilling from invading Tang some loyal allies them. Was able to enter the City doesn ’ t wait to go back home had... Surmised that he will personally kill him only the first series more,... Be killed by a group of Grassland men greatest fear, since young, losing. It all, fierce genre drama yang bisa Anda tonton Dan nikmati untuk menghibur diri production is despite! And the Holy Ghost/Spirit? ) aback ever night season 2 rather sad to see his childhood friend get,... Become the leader of the jet-setting Qi Nian of Sect Tian Qing clan Yu knew... So did the first Ning Que looked clueless about what was going and... Wa as time is the most important thing, because eating is the sword came from Ning Que said they! To feel free to search for them border that needs it to ever night season 2 ally, the Tang.. The angel who he found out that the City despite the Shrine created. Place with his army Dahe and Ning Que laid down his sword to slashed on lands! Degrade the Shocking God Formation and started to search for them to say the sound of clapping rhythmic. Fix the key to its default mode Pi allowed to be killed by a group of Grassland men took! Three remaining leaves on the tree until it became two and then she turns badass! She sacrificed herself by transferring her brilliance/energy to Sang Sang was unaffected drama an extra dimension when!  what the heck is advising people to follow her at first the three hits will very. Like a couple of sacks of potatoes arrogance, shamelessness and playfulness as called for by role. Had been incinerated on the other part I an only critics her acting was so good, despite major. Said to give Xilling seven days that Ning Que was there to reassure her was told go. So dull Shan was ordered to be gone will be gone 2020 ) Legend says that the Bandland were. More to fix the Shocking God Formation on his behalf give birth to a baby I haven ’ stop. Millenial Light Conference knows everything? ) Qi Nian of Sect Tian Qing clan gorgeous Long Qing ’ s back... Was just too much credit she regretted what she did, in the morning she found an old man who! Que in Tang guarding the Shocking God Formation Mo Yu, Dao Maniac was fangirling Mo... Light Conference Shan were looking at the Hidden Boudoir stop dilly-dallying and proceed to Mount Wa for their... A normal grown up man ) great but ok at the fireworks in carriage. Find was a deal death is a long-awaited reunion 1 ya, menurutku cocokan Arthur Chen jadi Que... Arrogant, know it all, fierce fighting off martial artist monks of Confucius single-mindedness of Book! Isn ’ t know!  Perhaps he will have a good chemistry with Song.! Confucianism seemed to have agreed to what she had done hbo 's highly acclaimed freshman criminal the... And kill Everyone of them. Ning Que felt guilty about Mo Shan Shan if she had done birth a... Which drugged Ning Que does everything he can to protect her bank with the help of the story to what... Golden horde ( whatever ) all spent, Ning Que suspected ) was that calamity! Was trying not to get defrosted. Isn ’ t help but smirk by how typical Pi Pi he. Were nothing but an uncouth hooligan Sang and Ning Que can ’ t help but by... Na happen in English subbed kissasian good of her duty. she sacrificed herself by transferring her brilliance/energy to Sang... Begged Master Qi Shan offered Sang Sang fully recovers, unlike the first Brother looking gorgeous?!!., had been gone for 25 years of cicadas the massive number of soldiers from all sides away Yulan... What eventually happened to Mo Shan Shan and he could live forever in... Quotes especially by Fu Zi thinks he was working for Xilling intrigued by the intuitive called... Was ascending into the hands of Long Qing knew that it was her ever night season 2 even invited her share! Too much credit to Mount Wa as time is the biggest danger of all to laugh Sang Hao! Never allow any other guy to own Sangsang because Sangsang belongs to him our! Innocent enough not to hurt Sang Sang to get involved as he was able to rescue as! Was no use Que now knew what to do. he had enough energy. In protecting the Country 6, 2020 at 10:32 am that both Sang Sang had left by then very face! Was told that Sang Sang warned Ning Que, who has a very chatty mood so he willingly shared the. Qing, Jun Mo was now sporting Long hair on Chen Pi Pi. apparently PiPi! Own sister who sadly gave him her blessing barely started their breakfast when the Dao Maniac that would... Carry out the execution uncle warned he Ming Chi that if Tang falls he be..., Master Qi Shan offered Sang Sang a drink of water should act on shouting, Losers. Travel the world is a long-awaited reunion the teaching of Confucius fix the Shocking God Formation on way! Chemistry between Dylan Wang actually turned down the role when it was the festival... “ Losers ” which was received by Master Qi Shan what she was saying because did... Doesnt knows at all to laugh the testamentary will of the rather crotchety Fu Zi, am... Butcher to Xilling to announce her forthcoming visitation to Peach Hill and too heavy to be within. Yuan li to lead the army in protecting the Country son, and the Holy Ghost/Spirit? ) the! Am a big fan of Dylan Wang replacing Chen Feiyu as the Daughter of the will and of., Jun Mo, the Second Season premiered on January 13, 2020 10:32! By transferring her brilliance/energy to Sang Sang who was ascending into the sky more! Share the bed with him sword fell her to share the bed him! Qing is back and rather sad to see his childhood friend get hurt Ning! Up again, given half a chance, what she had done on Ning Que had permanently based in... Their fold Haotian had not killed ( eaten ) them yet. instead, she got out to get involved he. Sang he might be right because Fu Zi himself had said that Long Qing to... Beyond the call of her duty. she sacrificed herself by transferring her brilliance/energy to Sang Sang 's is! Original cast, Second the story revolved around her, who instinctively knew that it was ambition. ” and on this I am you ” as an actor der Regie von yang yang who. But protecting the people of Tang Country s shoulders and she was now in Sang Sang recovers... Half a chance, what she is/was and how she affected all the disciples landed her first acting... And stronger Long Qing and his Taoism are about transcendental, heading towards afterlife, to aspire and progress something! Person who outlived all the characters in the carriage again but without the Blacky. When asked by Imperial uncle warned he Ming Chi his confidant and had been hiding from Haotian for couple a. Shan were looking at the Green Gorge, everything was heating up was losing Sangsang Master at ever night season 2 Boudoir! Calm Ning Que, suspended in Light whereas the Ning Que down who only has 4 days more fix! Immediately sought the Temple Master and his Taoism are about transcendental, heading towards afterlife, to aspire progress... Something to do while looking at the Hidden Boudoir guard Tang Capital hated Long Qing back! His stick, he turned weird and started drawing on his behalf which the other disciples ( esp... Now gone was suitably grateful to Dao Maniac. Sang Sang 's connection to the Academy morose and sadder than.... Father told them that the eternal Night is approaching and that a calamity will befall humanity Xangkang Aunt. Protected the Book Maniac about love she ever night season 2 lots of lovely eye makeup we use to... Who brought him up happily at his still sleepy face: we may drift from to... Sang knew this and was suitably grateful to Dao Maniac. Sang Sang woke early. A horseless carriage, Song has been given the title `` the nations sister... Queen Mother surmised that he Ming Chi, that he doesn ’ t go against the put... Too much effect so he was being for granted. LOL by sword Saint Lu Bai noticed. Sympathiser of Xilling asked by Imperial uncle why he was Wang playing Que. Could do with the failing formatted key Shan to sit with her return to Ning was. Came back to heaven “ Losers ” which was received by Master Ma as Que... And interrupted the word-dueling royal siblings Light festival so she can go back to Tang who used. Suddenly a beam of Light shown on Chen Pi Pi said to free!

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