© 2021 Cinemaholic Inc. All rights reserved. Colleen C. Cassidy, Esq. Pettway and White later moved to Atlanta, Georgia. Before her verdict, she wrote an apology letter that read: “I went to the hospital. Ann Pettway confesses to abducting Carlina White 23 years ago. Get full address, contact info, background report and … Carlina White was raised as Nejdra "Netty" Nance by Annugetta "Ann" Pettway in Bridgeport, Connecticut, just 45 miles from where her parents had lived. Relatives: Cassandra Ann Johnson Cassandra R Johnson Frances M Peterson Andre T Pettway More People. Well, she had on a nurse’s uniform that night, and prior to that, she had spent 2-3 weeks in the hospital. White attended Thomas Hooker School and graduated from Warren Harding High School in Bridgeport. FILE - In this May 24, 2010 file photo provided by the Wake County (N.C.) Bureau of Identification, Ann Pettway is shown. © 2021 Cinemaholic Inc. All rights reserved. I was, but only because she hid something from me for so long. 15. © 2020 Cinemaholic Inc. All rights reserved. Carlina White was abducted by Ann "Annugetta" Pettway in 1987. In fact, many of the other staff members even believed that Ann was a part of the team (despite not being employed by the facility). Ann "Annugetta" Pettway has been charged with one count of kidnapping in the abduction of Carlina Renae White, who has since reunited with her biological mother. Also in the news: No smoking at the City University, high PCB levels at another city school, the cost of the blizzard, and other regional developments. Pattway was so desperate for a child she decided to steal one from the hospital when the baby was just 19 days old. However, the prosecution pointed out that Ann had been convicted of a number of crimes while she was raising the child. During the interview, PETTWÄY referred to the Victim using the name by which the Victim has been known through January of this year. Ann Pettway abducted baby Carlina White from Harlem Hospital on August 4, 1987, and raised the child as her own. I took a child. The name Ann Pettway has over 7 birth records, 0 death records, 3 criminal/court records, 27 address records, 2 phone records and more. When Joy White and Carl Tyson came with their daughter, Carlina, to get her fever checked, Ann even consoled them. We found 7 entries for Ann Pettway in the United States. The movie, Abducted: The Carlina White Story, first-aired on Satur It turned out that Carlina was actually being raised in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and went by the name Nejdra “Netty” Nance. Annugetta "Ann" Pettway New York City, US 19 days Raised by abductor White was taken from Harlem Hospital Center as an infant and raised by Pettway. : (212) Robert H. Baum, Esq. Agents said in court papers that the woman who raised Carlina White told them she took the girl from Harlem Hospital as a baby. Carlina White’s kidnapper was a woman by the name of Annugetta “Ann” Pettway. But I can appreciate what she did for me.”. But no one ever came forward, and the parents had to wait 23 years before gaining some closure. The father remembered that the culprit had said, “The baby don’t cry for you—you cry for the baby.” He found this method of assuring someone a bit weird. In 2012, Ann pleaded guilty to federal charges of kidnapping. So how exactly was the mystery solved? Find Ann Pettway in the United States. However, she lied to Netty by saying that the actual parent was a drug addict who abandoned her when she was just a child. The parents spared no effort in trying to locate their child. Mary Ann Pettway is the mother of Ruth P. Mosely, Revil Mosely, and Lucy T. Pettway. Then, in a quest to find some answers, Netty turned to the internet. They also said that the indicted had experienced a traumatic childhood where Ann’s mother beat her with belts and extension cords. Dad Bobby got four years. Netty graduated from Warren Harding High School, following which, Ann and her moved out to Atlanta for a while. Where Are Carlina White’s Biological Parents Now. While on the website of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, she found baby Carlina’s photos and realized that they matched her own features. Age: Phone: X … Soon, the trial began, where her lawyers stated that the kidnapping did not stem from a vicious intent. Ann Pettway, who pleaded guilty in February to abducting 19-day-old Carlina White in 1987 and raising the child as her own daughter, was sentenced in Federal District Court. Publications. Convicted Baby-Snatcher Ann Pettway Was Blinded by Selfishness, Doctors Say. Well, we need to go back to 2005. She was raised as Nejdra “Netty” Nance by the woman, Annugetta “Ann” Pettway. Read More: Where Are Carlina White’s Biological Parents Now? Also in the news: an arrest in the Carlina White kidnapping, a drop in state aid to the city looms, and a Brooklyn local-news blogger earns his neighbors’ wrath. This also included an attempted embezzlement charge from 2010. Furthermore, the mother also told the probation department that she used cocaine daily from 1983 to 2005 and that she smoked pot every day till her 30s. She had been raised under the name Nejdra "Netty" Nance by a woman named Annugetta "Ann" Pettway, whom she thought was her biological mother. From U.S. Attorney. on January 23, 2011, 1 interviewed ANNUGETTA PETTWAY, a/k/a "Ann Pettway, the defendant, about the kidnapping of the Victim. Having heard about this great loss, the family of this individual is passing through pains, mourning the unexpected passing of their beloved. White attended Thomas Hooker School and graduated from Warren Harding High School in Bridgeport.Pettway and White later moved to Atlanta, Georgia.

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