They also last the longest without fogging. I have always struggled with sunglasses on the run and for other sports. Running or cycling. Brands upon which you rely, whether you like the brand or not. In a side by side test with my benchmark Julbo Aero Lite (17%-75% visible light transmission range lens) the Roka transitioned from completely activated by sun (14% visible light transmission) in temperatures of under 20 F to fully inactivated 87% transmission at room temperature in a nearly identical 6 minutes. With a single prescription lens, $195. Subject to availability Roka can send a frame selection try on kit. That said, I’m now switching from Costco to ROKA for my single-prescription lenses as well, because the price is right and the ROKAs are just… flat… better… frames, based on my own experience, and whether I’m seeing thru them while leading a Zwift ride or typing articles like this to you.As a final note, ROKA has been a Slowtwitch partner more often than not over the years, so, please factor this in. With great optics, light and secure as can be frames, and a direct to consumer model providing great value at $265, Roka delivers a state of the art photochromic prescription run or any sport eyewear which never has to be changed out for the rest of your day’s non sport activities in pretty much any kind of light. (Because I’ve tried these brands but I’m sure I haven’t tried everything they sell.) In recent years I have worn a large size Julbo Aero series photochromic when I know light conditions will change or a Revo polarized  over my small frame regular prescription glasses. You may well say – and I welcome this, in the comments below, or on our Reader Forum – that I’m simply naïve to what Oakley, Costa, Smith, Rudy and others offer me. I continue to be delighted with the Roka photochromic but wish as with all photochromic that they worked for driving in sun,Sam, Editor. But things changed over the last few years. Excellent turnaround for a custom lens product. Me? I’m wearing a pair as I write this, and - as Dan wrote in his review of ROKA eyewear more generally - I now consider them to be essential.Eyewear, to me, is a uniquely essential category since I don’t need prescription … It’s not so much the case now.I’m going to level with you. Roka… If AT&T goes away, that’s a problem, because its the only carrier where I live that offers reception.ROKA hasn’t been a mandatory brand for me. Right? Your purchases help support RoadTrailRun. UPDATE YOUR PRESCRIPTION powered by WorkingProgress-2 The Hunter frame I selected is quite large for my face. These brands make products for which there are no ready replacements (for me). Two-thirds of you cycle with no prescription lens at all. Six percent of you cycle outside with either a bifocal or a progressive lens. I am amazed by the way you have explained things in this article. The angled lens, although designed for open ocean swims, has been really great in the pool. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Not so much.) All Reviews: Road & Trail Run Shoes, Gear & Tech By Brand, Latest Run Shoe and Gear Reviews & Articles, RTR Team Best of Road & Trail Run 2020. New Balance FuelCell Rebel v2 Multi 10 Tester Review: Raising the Energy Level..Big Time! Grip, abrasion resistance, and heel retention is contemplated by those who make my run shoes. But here’s what I know for certain about you: In a recent poll I took I discovered that 100 percent of you are going to get older. In addition to a recent prescription you will need to provide a pupillary distance measurement. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. ROKA has not seen what I’m writing to you now; they do not know that I’m writing this to you now; and they’ll see it when you do. Or una. What brands matter to you most? MEN’S PRESCRIPTION SUNGLASSES Style and innovation—now in your prescription. I did not but should have as the Hunter frame I selected is a bit big for my face for everyday use but..the greater expanse of lens sure has been a help as a broader field of vision while trail running and nordic skiing! Also – and I hate to have to add these caveats but we live in an age, do we not? Wondering if you think that would be smart. The Barton, by ROKA. That’s not much higher than what I’d pay at Costco and Costco is the place to go for a decent selection and a low price. If your prescription did not include it you can use Roka’s measurement template. Won't Fall OffYour Face Unbelievably Lightweight UnmatchedOptics Take an Online Vision Test Need to update your prescription? New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v11 Multi Tester Review. Zero slip, never a finger up to push them back up no matter the position of my head or how sweaty my head got. A smaller frame might have also helped reduce thickness. They’re shown here, one Kona with a clear lens and one in a tint, and a Halsey in a tint. Thanks..Check out this link Locum agency, Photochromic lenses are really great for outdoor activities. Replacements are available. A variety of lens material and tints are available. Roka’s motto is “The most technically advanced eyewear that doesn’t look technical.” As someone who wears strong prescription glasses every moment of the day and for sure running I was intrigued to put their claim to test. The Geko temples are superb in their very light on the ears yet totally secure grip. Adding my 27 g non prescription Julbo Aero over the regular glasses, as I did before, had me lugging 50 g. No need for that now! The Geko temples are superb in their very light on the ears yet totally secure grip. I’m not picking on just Costco. These glasses aren’t new samples for media photography. When ROKA first came out with eyewear I was not swept off my feet. Yes, I’m about $1,000 (or north of that) into these 3 pairs of glasses. I don't think there's a goggle out there that's not going to fog. You can tell them then which prescription (reading, computer, distance) you want filled.My eyewear cost me more, because I bought the frames and then had the lenses put in by another lab.

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