Used coffee grounds have a strong, bitter scent that dogs commonly dislike. You might be wondering how to recycle those coffee grounds before throwing them into the garbage. Certain compounds found in coffee, such caffeine and diterpenes, can be highly toxic to insects (6, 7).Because of this, you can use coffee grounds to repel bugs. Dogs, and cats too, are usually adverse to coffee grounds, so sprinkle your used coffee grounds on areas in the yard that you’d like to keep animal free. The smell of the coffee repels snails, slugs and ants. Black pepper, Cayenne pepper, and other hot peppers can injure dogs. Scatter Used Coffee Grounds. Coffee Grounds Dog Repellent. It went into our outside laundry room and chewed through things that had been out … This substance makes peppers spicy hot and is the very thing that dogs are averse to. Just like coffee grounds cats and dogs don’t like the smell or the taste (especially Cayenne–OUCH) when licking their paws clean. Coffee is an environmentally friendly way to repel unwanted insects and animals in the garden. Coffee grounds aren’t just great for fertilizing your plants, they can also deter dogs and cats from peeing in a certain area due to their strong smell. Coffee grounds don’t deter mice or rats, but letting them get into your coffee K-cups is a way to kill them. And neither do I! The mix acts as great fertilizer too. #4: Use As A Meat Rub In addition to a great smell, coffee has a beloved flavor as well, and imparting that flavor onto meat could be just the thing to take your meal to the next level. So it’s negative reinforcement for your pets. Grounds can be a natural flea repellent to save your dog from having to use any chemical deterrents. Don't throw out old mothballs. Don’t use hot peppers to repel dogs. My favorite bitter dog deterrent came as a recommendation of a friend who lives in a tropical area with endless rain and a magnificent supply of freshly roasted coffee. You may also have success using coffee grounds to repel mammals, including cats, rabbits and deer. "I dumpster dive behind Starbucks for garbage bags, remove the mushy buns, coffee filters and banana peels and spread the coffee grounds around the edges of my garden beds. Had one eat a bunch of my wife’s K-cups and then went crazy. Scatter them around your gardens and flowerbeds to keep cats, dogs, and rodents away. 7. Kitty won't think of your garden as a latrine anymore if you spread a pungent mixture of orange peels and used coffee grounds around your plants. Dogs who walk across these deterrents can get burds on the pads of their feet and legs. Don’t Use Coffee Grounds, mothballs, garlic powder or detergents to drive away dogs. Don’t throw coffee grounds or leavings right away. Disadvantages to using coffee as a squirrel deterrent: Temporary: The coffee grounds need to be replenished frequently to be effective, especially after a rain. As they seem to hate the smell, coffee grounds deter animals like dogs, cats, raccoons or squirrels that dig in my garden or like the nice soft soil to poop. The caffeine in coffee is toxic for dogs and cats — … 2. Do coffee grounds deter dogs? Just like coffee grounds, I’ve heard that Cayenne Pepper can also help keep pets out of your garden and flower beds. However, this method should be used with caution. Dry the grounds out in your oven and spread them loosely on the grass and around the edges of the lawn, using approximately one cup of grounds for every 40 square feet of lawn. Dogs Don’t Like Bitter Stuff – Keeping Dogs Out of the Garden With Coffee & Oranges. They can actually be reused as an effective dog repellent. 7.