A drop shot won’t be too effective, while a smash will not be possible. Therefore, in order to reach to the shuttle and take it as early as possible (when it’s still high up), you’ll need to have SPEED! Short, rapid, and sudden movements are necessary to turn the tide of any badminton game. If the floor is slippery, you’ll automatically move slower because your body will always work to prevent you from falling. Jogging helps to achieve both. Answer:Hi Brianna, I think speed is a very important factor in badminton. While playing, try to vary the pace deliberately. When placing your feet, you also have to ensure that your weight is balanced and the posture is stable. You need the stamina to outlast your opponent, but, for increased speed, you also need to have lower body weight. Since badminton is a fast game, the techniques, the swings and the shots are greatly affected by the timing and effectiveness of a player’s footwork. This removes wastage of energy through unnecessary movements and keeps you injury free as well. You can suddenly accelerate, then slow down and then accelerate again. Try doing 5-10 seconds of sudden sprints, then jogging for 3-5 seconds, and then sprinting again in a different direction. You can have everything else in life but, if you are not healthy, the quality of your life suffers dramatically. Sprinting short distances and timing yourself is another excellent way to improve your speed at badminton. A badminton player must diligently train several times a week for the exercises and drills to improve agility. More inflexible players would be prone to injury under this pressure. In badminton tournaments, the player/team who is able to play at a much faster pace will usually win the rallies. The faster your swing speed of your racket, the more powerful your shots. If you can get to the shuttle at the highest point, you will have the option to decide if you want to do a smash or a jump shot or a drop shot- or whichever will confuse or stymie your opponent. Initially, it may seem awkward, but it helps to try it. For example, if your opponent hits a baseline clear to you and you are already standing at your baseline, you can choose to either clear, drop or maybe jump smash. … Here is some more information about training for specific physical attributes that are important for badminton. Increased muscle tone: Playing badminton builds and tones the quads, glutes, calves and hamstrings. Keeping your legs and shoulders wide and parallel to each other. Quicker. How to Improve Your Speed While Playing Badminton. But how does one obtain such control? Here’s why speed’s important. When talking about basic footwork in badminton, there are a few things to keep in mind. At a high level, it’s, arguably, believe that footwork contributes to more than 50% of the success on the pitch. It’s also important for success in many team sports like soccer, field hockey and Australian rules football. Racket, squash, tennis and badminton are some of the sports that require considerable level of agility. Now. Of course, an effective and organised badminton footwork plays an important role. I hope this answers your question. Ensuring that you keep your center of gravity lower will help you use more your thigh muscle, calf muscles, and glutes, which will help generate maximum power for all movements. Let us look at some ways in which anyone can improve their speed and agility to benefit their game. But just being able to run fast is not the main factor. No, when we mean speed we are talking about primarily two kinds of speeds, which are crucial on the badminton court: A shuttlecock can travel at a speed of up to 350 km/hr, which is faster than many high-speed trains. Being able to change the pace of the game by increasing and decreasing acceleration is what is crucial. By Staff Writer Last Updated Apr 6, 2020 3:32:29 PM ET. From this position, leap up as high as you can. In addition, badminton players should seek advice from experienced badminton coaches or trainers about how to improve … Keeping your body lower, while keeping your knees bent, will help you tap into your leg power better. Badminton is a racket sport for two or four people, with a temporal structure characterized by actions of short duration and high intensity. As you practice more, the footwork becomes easier and faster. So the key here is body balance. Once you understand the purpose of a solid footwork foundation, you’ll feel more inclined to really put the work into improving yourself. It, also, helps you to reduce your body weight so that that your overall speed can improve. As always, go out and play some badminton and have a great day! Badminton consists of many moves such as shuffling, jumping, gliding, lunging, among others. Skipping is excellent for strengthening your calf and thigh muscles. Eating a nutritious diet gives the body enough energy to stand up to the training and game schedules. Both speed and agility are vital to Badminton performance. You will find that once you have mastered it, you’ll be more successful on the court. A good way to practice is to shuffle forwards, backward, sideways, and diagonally. If you are able to gain such control, you will win effortlessly. Therefore, speed AND footwork is the key for you to move fast towards the shuttle and take it at the optimal time. ... speed, power and coordination. Using proper footwork will help you move quickly and efficiently. Good footwork is fundamental to playing badminton well. Badminton coaches are aware that speed is important. Develops athleticism: The fast-paced nature of the game increases your speed and improves your reflexes. This usually means taking the shuttle when it is still high up. So, being able to propel yourself to position and return this kind of shots requires great power and speed. The low weight of modern badminton racquets and the low inertia of the shuttlecock means that badminton … Having a more flexible lower body doesn’t just mean deep lunges. This sport has five events: men’s and women’s singles, men’s and women’s doubles, and mixed doubles, each requiring specific preparation in terms of technique, control and physical fitness. Agility is an important quality in a lot of sports that are played on the field. speed is often important for a badminton player. You are le… https://www.answers.com/Q/Why_is_speed_important_in_badminton Both are equally important for badminton and are not mutually exclusive within the sport. When you have good body balance at all times, you are free to move quickly around the court. A major reason why speed is important in badminton is that it allows players to hit the shuttle at the highest possible point of its trajectory. As it drops lower, the options for different types of shots are reduced. Badminton players work on improving leg muscles, as they need to build power for their movements. One of my favourite quotes of all time is from Mario Andretti and it goes something like this: “If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough.” Now, Andretti was one of the most successful racing drivers of all time, but it’s the same with digital. A major reason why speed is important in badminton is that it allows players to hit the shuttle at the highest possible point of its trajectory. In badminton tournaments, the player/team who is able to play at a much faster pace will usually win the rallies. So, why is balance important in badminton? Badminton coaches are aware that speed is important. Yo… Resistance training helps you with badminton as it strengthens and builds the muscles groups involved in the various movements, such as jumping, lunging, sprinting, etc. Therefore, the ability to move fast allows you to control the placement of the shot better. Strength (hand-grip) 5. In order to hit a quality badminton shot, you’ll need to hit the shuttle at with perfect timing. This will usually rattle and unnerve your opponent. So it is very much necessary for player to have high reaction time, one thing i you should learn that speed in badminton is a combination of The tests included in their testing program were: 1. Flexibility is important in badminton footwork because in most instances, you’re required to lunge forward to the front of the court. Let me break the answer down into parts and explain why footwork will help you reach the shuttle faster, in a better position and with less effort. This will turn out to be a great advantage when you are up against strong opponents. There is no specific order or frequency of changing the pace. Historically, the shuttlecock (also known as a “bird” or “birdie”) was a small cork hemisphere with 16 goose feathers attached and weighing about 0.17 ounce (5 grams). Strength is the maximum ability of the muscles to exert force against a resistance.It is primarily an anaerobic exercise. Shuffling is when you move around the court with short steps with your feet no higher than 3 inches off the ground. The badminton forehand smash. An excellent way to simulate badminton game movements, while skipping, is to increase the pace suddenly and then decrease it. These types of shuttles may still be used in modern play, but shuttles made from synthetic materials… I discovered that one of the reasons for most of his extraordinary wins is his great speed. If a player takes the baseline clear when the shuttle has already fallen low, a lot of energy will be needed to hit a clear. Inevitably, older players tend to be slower than younger players. A successful player must move quickly when necessary but changes in direction are equally important in the game due to the nature of the movements required in a rally. Therefore, training programs are usually designed to increase a player’s speed. When you mention improving your footwork, I assume that you want to be able to move faster around the badminton court. This ensures you keep the energy produced mainly … Reaction time Reaction time is the time it takes from the presentation of the Jogging can help you improve your stamina. The smash shot is hit with power and speed downward into the opponent's court. Speed, in particular is usually improved when strength and power are enhanced. We have a poll about the component of fitness most important for success in Badminton. The articles below, examine each of the components of fitness important in a badminton training plan, along with suggestions for exercise selection and training sessions. Speed is a very important for winning rallies in badminton. The wrist plays an important part in deception regardless of what shot you are planning to execute, even in smashes. When you take the shuttle when it is still high, you’ll have many more options on what type of badminton shot you want to hit. From defending a smash to getting that really tight net kill. Practicing this move can help you greatly during the game as you will be able to improve your reaction time. The faster you are and the quicker your reflexes, compared to your opponent, the greater the control of the game you’ll gain. Other articles where Shuttlecock is discussed: badminton: …with lightweight rackets and a shuttlecock. In addition, your core muscles, arm and back muscles get a workout as well. When you land, go back to the semi-squat position. During those times, you’ll get … Strength Endurance (push-ups) 7. It is a crucial element of fitness for athletes such as distance runners, swimmers, cyclists and rowers. If you want to improve your fitness (speed and power) in badminton, there are a couple of exercises that you could perform. Categories Strength And Endurance Training Tags get faster, get good at badminton, how to get good at badminton, how to improve your badminton agility and speed, how … This is an exercise that will certainly make your muscles work, but that can be quite beneficial for your game. Being able to master the two kinds of speeds discussed above will enable older players to control the pace of the game. Traditionally, muscular endurance programs have used … Speed — movements around the badminton court are of very short distance, so movement speed training should focus of reaction time, acceleration and agility (change of direction). As you become better at your form and technique, the quality of shots will improve along with your reflex speed. By increasing one’s speed and agility. You can mark out a distance of 50 or 100 ms (or yds) and time yourself while sprinting as fast as you can. Always keep your opponents guessing with deceptive shots, so the direction of your shots will not be easy to predict. As with any training program, a regular workout schedule is important. It is also a technical sport, requiring good motor coordination and the development of sophisticated racquet movements. Strength, according to the National Strength and Conditioning Association, can be categorized in a number of ways: absolute strength refers to the maximum amount of force a muscle or muscle group can develop; strength endurance refers to the ability to perform a high volume of sub-maximal contractions without fatigue; and speed strength, which is better known as power, is strength expressed at speed. For instance, simple barbell squats leg presses and leg curls would be sufficient to build up power and strength in your legs. Basically, a squat jump is when you jump from a semi-squat position. Usually, the only reason that prevents you from running at your top speed is body balance. I hope you enjoyed this post on 5 ways to improve your speed and agility for badminton! The speed at which badminton players move and change direction (agility) implies that they require a high level of flexibility to deal with these movements as it puts a lot of pressure on the muscles and joints. Intense badminton training involves training for speed. All this requires balance, as well as good footwork so that you can move quickly and place the birdie accurately. The National Junior Program Fitness Testing Protocols, by Badminton Australia in 2008, gives an example of a fitness testing battery. Cheers. People always talk about speed being important with digital marketing, but what does it actually mean? Speed (badminton specific on court speed test) An average smash can reach around 326 km/hr. If you think back on the games that you lost, you will find that speed was certainly one of the major causes. Professional players are known to deliberately accelerate and vary their pace to outsmart their competition. Shortening the time you take for each try will significantly improve your speed and agility. Obviously, you can win most games if you are able to place your shots where the opponent has to run around a lot. Badminton is the fastest racket sport in the world, where is reaching speed of 400km/h. Out of the options of Body Size and Composition, Muscle Strength, Muscular Endurance, Power, Speed / Quickness, Agility, Flexibility, Balance and Coordination, and Cardiovascular Endurance, the factors which are considered most important by the readers of this site are Agility and Speed / Quickness. The right form removes wastage of energy, making you more efficient. This has a direct effect on the thighs and glutes and may initially cause muscle pain for a few days. Learning and using the right form while running, serving, and placing shots will help you become effective in utilizing your body movements. It can be performed with either the forehand or the backhand. Where reaction speed is important in badminton Reaction time is important for pretty much every aspect in badminton. Since badminton is a game of high tempo, all moves require excellent balance, and in the heat of the competition, players need to execute their movements with speed and effectiveness. IN THE 6th part of the Badminton Training series, we look at Muscular Endurance Training. There are drills to increase foot speed, such as quick feet ladder drills. Social. If a player has less speed, he (or she) may not be fast enough to hit the shuttle at the highest point. Faster. You can also skip forward and backward or from side to side. The first thing you need to understand is why badminton footwork techniques are important. Ideally, you should be able to hit the shuttle as soon as it starts the downward drop. Isn’t age a significant factor that determines speed? You’ll, also, be strengthening the muscles needed for jumping and lunging. Aerobic Fitness (20m shuttle run test) 3. Being balanced, also, helps you move faster on the court and reduce your risk of injury. You’ll need to be flexible to … Physical health is an important part of your overall health and badminton can help you to become physically healthier. Intelligence is also a factor since players must know how to deceive their opponents in every shot. In badminton, agility demonstrated the ability to move with quick footwork and precise. As it drops lower, the options for different types of shots are reduced. Anthropometry (height, weight, skinfolds) 2. Let us see how squat jumps are done. I was recently tracking the various games of five-time world champion and badminton legend, Lin Dan. Core Strength (plank) 8. One of the most frequent movements you’ll do while playing badminton is shuffling. Finally, strength and explosive power conditioning should form a fundamental part of a badminton training program necessary to maximize speed about the court and powerful overhead smashes. Flexibility (sit and reach, shoulder flexibility) 4. The more it is allowed to continue the downward trajectory, the lesser the options for choosing shots. Now, speed is not just being fast but being able to vary the pace, so that you may slow down, then suddenly accelerate and after a bit change the pace again. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them down below. when coming into the net to retrieve a net shot from the back of the court) but may also have to have a good aerobic fitness in order to continue with long rallies. Power (vertical jump, standing long jump) 6. An extremely fast player cannot move fast on the court with if he has bad footwork. You can add your vote too. ... agility is the principal determining factor for success in sports. I’ll try to explain this in detail so bear with the long text below . Compared to several other sports, badminton is undoubtedly a fast sport. At the beginning, it is faster for a player to just run around the court. Yes, to an extent it is true that the younger you are the faster you can be when compared to an older player. Players often are able to work at high speed for short burst (e.g. But it is a great exercise for enhancing power generation and speed while playing badminton. A lighter you will be faster and last longer on the court.

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