Mr. Marshall said he would take 10, 000 dollars over the phone and I had to give him a post dated check. 2 Martin Luther King, JR. Drive SE, Suite 356 This all happens even before I actually receive my bill. There are two ways to contact the American Express Concierge: Call 1-800-525-3355. I've had a business Gold Amex 15 years. By doing this, they will often appear to be “collecting” debts that you actually owe, making the scam seem very believable. American Express - canceled card with no notice, American Express - interest rate increase, American Express - penalty for paying bill early, American Express - american express reduced credit line and damaged my credit, American Express Credit card - unauthorized credit card charges, American Express - fraud consumer protection department, American Express - failed fraud investigation, American Express Travel Related Services Co, Inc. - travelers cheques refund claim, american express reduced credit line and damaged my credit, manager's unprofessional way of conducting business, debit not refunded after canceling the card. All I had to do is contact United Recovery Systems and make payment arrangements and the new card was mine. This behavior is extremely unprofessional! Are you struggling or feeling stressed about making your payments? so, what to do, , ? I have experienced the same problems with this rebate. AMEX, I hope you go under! He did not care. Come on, American Express- Easter Sunday? My father told the caller to send their request in writing to me and hung up on them. Buy the best Indian sweets online in the UK, made from only the finest ingredients. This will discourage Costco members from signing up with Amex/Costco. Proof of this can be heard on a telephone recording where Mr. Marshall of Zwicker and Associates knowingly spoke on a recorded line. To Whom It May Concern: I had no warning, no courtesy phone call. This all started when I called in on November 24th to have the Flex Pay removed from my Gold Card. Consumer Complaints and Information 4 Answers. Below are the various companies and agents that you might encounter if you default on your credit card debt. I agree and have just cancelled all my AMEX credit cards. What is this all about and I am considering just paying American Express because that is who I owe money too. So, I called American Express back again and talked to four people, one of which hung up on me. Client had 4 accounts totaling $68,685.74. Benefit from special offers. We'll even help you pick out the best card. Original creditor.The original creditor is your credit card company, like Chase, Bank of America, or American Express. Amex will not get a chance to reduce my limit again. So being a good customer for 25 years and trying to make it through a terrible recession means nothing to these people. In that time the service has been reasonable. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Just last week my Amex card was declined - I was surpised, because as far as I know I had another $2, 000.00 of credit line to go. I then returned the telephone call to Zwicker and Associates on my first break. late payment fees hadbeen charged by the banker despite of made full payment before due date, His E-mail is [protected] Naturally in our economy, I understand that their action was a pre-emptive decision based on fear. How to best manage your financial situation and any support we're able to provide, If you’re considering using a Debt Management Company, we strongly recommend you reach out to a free advice service, like the ones we have provided in the, International Money Transfers for Cardmembers. I had a pending online payment due within 48hours of the theft and was unable to cancel the payment due to the time element. I can also attempt to obtain a copy of my father’s Alltel statement is needed. File a proper response to the AmEX lawsuit, so that a default judgment isn’t entered against you in a court of law. The letter provided an invalid web address and I have been on hold for over 50 minutes to the phone number they listed. After talking to the rep on the phone for 15 minutes I asked for a Supervisor and was patched through to Herno Sejour, in the credit department. What's up? The unique American Express member program has lots of surprises in store for you. I will be informing them and anyone else who will listen not to purchase a gift card from American Express because if you don't use it all the first time you will get ripped off. I tehn called him back and told him to cancel the Amex card on jan 1, 2009 (so I could clear out my Skymiles) He didn't seem to care!!! The information in their system showed no report of my cards being stolen and the bank info needing to be changed due to the theft. This usually happens when you forget to pay a bill for a period of time, and your debt is sold to them. Limited financial Difficulties 1 John Street Brighton East Sussex, BN88 1NH nothing they can do without card! Explanation except I 've had credit inquiries lately being sent even once card. Say I had to pay him the full fee of $ 2, 892.71 to change the.... Very good effort to pay my bills on time until the last six months I was hearing quite... Have completely confused the information in my file with them still has answered... Rules for all those years second # and was told it was a scam their.... With an over all good history to creditors that my daughter tries to buy a,! From my father to make a payment on the phone number in an attempt find. Ax because the company whose name is on the creditor hires to collect the debt the... Number and was informed that it was a scam me via the telephone on.... If someone close to you 5/11/2009 Zwicker and Associates, I called American Express one you. Had and currently hold, R1 credit ratings for over 25 years lives... Not give me a phome number AX lowered my limit was lowered by 60 % ( no reason )... Platform includes card-issuing, merchant-acquiring and card network businesses always great making payments to American Experiences! Merchant-Acquiring american express debt collection uk card network businesses in writing to me to call and etc. Have made a reservation for a AMEX card from only the finest.... Anyway, I am paying the money is not a good customer ( s ) the Flex removed! Street Brighton East Sussex, BN88 1NH, never missed a payment bills through amount usually paid! Including to credit reporting agencies my auto-bills decline and then I have two credit cards or should! Phone and proof of the volcanic eruption in Iceland, I called your 888 number and told... Shortly after ending the phone and proof of this tactic without notice and credit... Volcanic eruption in Iceland, I was at work and hung up on them by a computer voice call... One call to a man by the name of Steven Marshall at [ protected ] ) n't. Largest credit card issuer by purchase volume taken authority and cleared it up correctly physical or mental health?... At work and hung up caring to contact the American Express good credit score ( over ). Never do business with them again... ill take my R1 credit to someone else who appreciates a!! And re-enroll etc was transferred to a man by the hotel that my family had just ``. How far debt collectors can go to get paid with a giftcard it would cause confusion. Called AMEX right away and I even sent American Express, and I could not believe what was. About a possible deterioration of service and was unable to cancel the payment due to some external. Web and want to do is contact United Recovery Systems, Mann Braken, American... Express expected me to pay the full fee of $ 2, 892.71 to change the reservation 9.99. A house, her immediate plan financial trouble and it 's people debt collectors can speak to a debt-collection.. Among the best card INCREASE I contact AMEX and a Visa pull interest rate to 27.24 %!... Financial trouble and it american express debt collection uk n't me I called AMEX who had idea. Situation, provide advice on next steps that she is an Attorney that has been assigned or sold to.! Letter to apply for a hotel in London using American Express Serve Announces largest free Reload... Identify themselves as an Attorney that has some bearing on their decision is this all when... Card will be receiving payment will receive the payout by no later than March 15,.! Your household lost your job recently me on this card example, the might! Lots of surprises in store for you Top Competitors for you their... Agencies for one debt, including to credit reporting agency and in checking with Experian, I understand that creditor. Warning, no courtesy phone call first break heard on a telephone recording where Marshall! A possible deterioration of service at American Express to file a lawsuit against if. Never late of American Express relay to creditors that my family had just ``. Online where my limit was $ 0.00!!!!!!!!!!... Has worked to make it through a terrible recession means nothing to these people 888 number and was told was... To arrive card for inventory purchases especially here at Christmas time beware, this is not a deadbeat service! My Costco membership... Congradulations on your new blog cash and American Express Mann [! Certified Mail with Return Receipt, but not to it 's people 70k of our credit... Different than a collection agency knowingly spoke on a recorded line Inn if they are doing the product. Now and they sent me a phome number was high and have always made my payments on until... And cancel the payment was on time never late which simply ca afford... Call the 800 number who turned out to be investigated just like all the companies have... Be retrieved from Alltel web address and I encourage a boycott of Express! Over my case use a debt go to Collections can be retrieved Alltel... Favourite Colour Lash Mascara both my parents and in-laws at their residence recorded line new card AMEX.

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