... Funimation is still working their way through the Summer 2020 anime releases now that the … They'll probably focus on finishing the Winter dubs (like Bofuri) that are still unfinished months later, plus they still have Fruits Basket, Railgun, and Black Clover to keep going.. Room One. Funimation has officially announced the first additions to their Spring 2020 anime lineup and along with the previously confirmed premiere of Fruits … This weekend, Funimation revealed their summer anime release schedule, including returning shows like Fire Force, which is coming back for its second season, and new shows like Super HxEros and DECA-DENCE, which will be debuting their first.Check out all of the new shows coming to Funimation in the summer of 2020! Funimation has announced their full slate of Fall 2020 anime releases! Start your free trial today. All of the titles mentioned below will be accessible for the United Kingdom and Ireland regions in Japanese audio with English subtitles. The latest Summer 2020 anime chart. Friday July 3, 2020. Distributor Funimation over the past week revealed their batch of anime titles they will be simulcasting for the Summer 2020 season. Get your first look at your favorite characters in anime style! Watch free anime online or subscribe for more. Funimation Announces First Additions to Fall 2020 Anime Lineup. Human Lost: Revisit Film with … With the new wave of anime coming in just a matter of days, Funimation has unveiled a first batch of series that you will be able to tune into beginning this October. Room Two. But even with the lack of dubs, the only three shows I care about in the entire season (not just on Funimation… Stream and buy official anime including My Hero Academia, Drifters and Fairy Tail. July 03, 2020 10:19am PDT (7/3/20) During Funimationcon's jam-packed Funimation industry panel, the company rolled out a slate of new acquisitions for the summer 2020 season. The Summer anime season is rounding out its final episodes as older series begin ending and making room for the next wave, and Funimation has announced the first additions to their anime line up for the Fall 2020 anime season. December 21, 2020 2:05 pm Chris Beveridge . Even after dying countless times, Subaru finally ended the threat of the White Whale and defeated the Witch Cult's Sin Archbishop representing sloth, … Funimation Adds ‘Horimiya’ For Winter 2021 Anime Lineup 2 min read. Funimation Industry Panel (10:30 am CT) A brand new summer anime series has began and with so much content to stream, Funimation is giving us an idea where to start.